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The Story Behind Kosher Orlando

Since the founding of Orlando Torah Academy 13 years ago, frum vacationers have had a place to turn. On a visit to Orlando, Mr. Ira Zlotowitz, founder of Klal Govoah and president of GPARENCY, had a vision for us to service the needs of frum vacationers while helping to support Orlando Torah Academy.

From there, was born!

Kosher Orlando boasts an online directory, offering various services, as well as a tourist hotline, helping thousands of
people from all over the world. Kosher Orlando has been a game changer for frum vacationers. From minyanim to kashering and everything in between, it is all taken care of “under one hat.” OTA’s minyan houses have transformed Orlando from a vacation spot to an uplifting experience that yidden from all over look forward to throughout the year.

About Orlando Torah Academy

Orlando Torah Academy has transformed the Jewish landscape of Orlando. OTA is the foundation of Orlando’s growing Jewish community, enabling children of all backgrounds to receive the very best Torah education. Beginning with 12 children in 2010, the OTA family has grown to over 190 students! When you vacation with Kosher Orlando, you are helping to build Torah in Orlando!

How We Help

We are fortunate enough to be on the ground in Orlando and be able to welcome thousands of jews each year. Our site assists people with finding Minyanim, Mikvaos, just a place to stay within walking distance to a Shul, or any other need that comes up for the frum traveler.

Whether you’re looking dine at a restaurant, order takeout food for Shabbos or be in the know for kosher meats at the local groceries, we keep an up-to-date directory for your convenience. is proud to maintain year-round relationships with the Orlando theme parks. Leveraging the unique nature of the frum community, we can sometimes offer better rates to the parks.

Kosher Orlando Welcomes You To Orlando

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