Donations is hosted by Orlando Torah Academy. 

We are fortunate enough to be Orlando’s premier Torah day school, 

a branch of Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim of Queens, (Rabbinical Seminary of America) catering to our entire local community. 

Please open your hearts and consider donating to further Torah and Jewish education in Orlando.

The Story Behind Kosher Orlando was founded by Ira Zlotowitz, founder of Klal Govoah, and president of Eastern Union. Since we have launched as an online directory of resources for jews traveling to Orlando for business or vacation, we have grown to service thousands each year. Along with the great resources we provide, rental fees and commissions are put towards supporting Orlando Torah Academy, who now manages the full day-to-day operations of Get in touch with us today to plan your trip, while having the merit to support torah in Orlando at the same time!

About Orlando Torah Academy

Orlando Torah Academy is the community day schools serving the greater jewish Orlando community. We are committed to helping each student realize their individual and unique potential, while proving them with a well rounded…

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