There is no men’s mikvah in Orlando, scroll down for information on women’s mikvaos. 
The closest women’s mikvah is a 35-45 minute drive from the developments, and a 25-35 minute drive from the frum community.

Womens mikvah

Mikvah Tahara Chabad Orlando

35-45 minutes from the developments, 25-30 minutes from the frum community.

By Appointment only – $54 Fee. Please come fully prepared.

407 529 5966

708 Lake Howell Rd Orlando, FL 32751



Mikvah Tahara Chabad Tampa

About 20 minutes longer drive than the Orlando one (Orlando mikva is on the north side of Orlando). 

During busier times in Orlando it might make more sense to go to Tampa for better times.

You must reserve 3 days in advance – $36 fee. Please come fully prepared.




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