Shabbos Mode

The newer and more upgraded the villa is the more things that are automated. Try to find out how to best handle it from other people that have been there before you arrive on Erev Shabbos/Yom Tov.

Most villas have an alarm on the back door. This alarm is in place for pool safety. If the pool has a physical fence around there may be an option of having the management disable it.

Fridge and Freezers

GE General Electric Fridge

Press light and lock button at the same time and hold it for several seconds until you see SA bb

To turn it back on do the same thing

Samsung Fridge

All Samsung fridges have sensors that can be deactivated with a magnet. The sensors are different places on different models some are on top some are on the sides. 

The magnet may need to be taped on on some models in order to stay in place.


 GE General Electric

Press bake and broil together it will change to SF. 

Go to set clock click until you see Sab. 

Then press start then cook time, set the desirable time. 

Press start again then press bake. 

Then to set the temparture it starts at 350 degrees. 

Press + or – one time for every 25 degrees (ex if you want 175 press – 6 times). 

Then press start.

It will show “]” in about a minute it will show “] [“

With +  and – signs at the center

With numbers at the center