Winter Break "Yeshiva Week" 2024

O.T.A. Minyanim

Once again, Orlando Torah Academy will be arranging minyanim in various resort developments and will be providing them with Sifrei Torah, Siddurim/Chumashim, tables and chairs etc.

If you will be staying for Shabbos from January 13th – February 17th, and are in need of a minyan, please fill out the form below.

Reservations are required for O.T.A. Shabbos Minyanim!! (See below)


O.T.A. Minyan House “Shuls”:
Due to the overwhelming need in certain locations, O.T.A. will be renting homes dedicated towards the running of minyanim.

It is important that we have an accurate count of how many people will be attending in order to be properly prepared. Therefore, reservations are required (signup below) to attend the Shabbos minyanim!
Current “shuls”:
Encore · Southfield, near Westland · 1/19-2/5
Villatel Village 
· Oak Blossom, near Oak Creek Lp · 1/25-1/29
Champions Gate, “Old” phase 1 · Stinger, near Flange · 1/25-1/30

Confirmed Shabbos Minyanim:

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January 20th:
  • Encore: OTA Minyan House “Shul” 
  • Villatel Village 
  • Champions Gate “new”
  • Champions Gate “old”
  • Windsor Island
  • Windsor at Westside
  • Eden Gardens
  • Sheraton Vistana: Lake Buena Vista
  • The Grove

January 27th:

  • Encore: OTA Minyan House “Shul”
  • Villatel Village: OTA Minyan House “Shul”
  • Solterra: a) Host on Wildwood Way, b) OTA’s “Shul” in Villatel Village
  • Reunion: Bear’s Den area
  • Reunion: Desert Mountain Ct.
  • Champions Gate “old” phase 1 OTA Minyan House “Shul”
  • Champions Gate “new” phase 2 
  • Champions Gate “new” phase 3
  • Solara/Windsor at Westside
  • Windsor Island
  • Eden Gardens
  • Veranda Palms
  • The Grove (Sefer Torah unconfirmed)
  • Storey Lake (Sefer Torah unconfirmed)

February 3rd:

  • Encore: OTA Minyan House “Shul”
  • Solterra
  • Villatel Village 
  • Champions Gate “old” phase 1 
  • Champions Gate “new” phase 3
  • Reunion: Grand Traverse Pkwy
  • Solara/Windsor at Westside 
  • Windsor Island
  • Eden Gardens (331 Lady Alice Dr.)

February 10:

  • Encore (Marker Ave.)
  • Eden Gardens (331 Lady Alice Dr.)

February 17:

  • Villatel Village (Oak Creek Lp)
  • Encore (Mackinaw Ln)
  • Reunion: Bears Den (Jack Nicklaus Ct)
  • Champions Gate “old” phase 1 (Hazard St)
  • Eden Gardens (331 Lady Alice Dr.)
Pending Minyanim (updated 2/14):
  • Windsor Island (5 confirmed)
  • Champions Gate phase 3 (4 confirmed)

O.T.A.’s Encore Minyan House Jan. 19th – Feb. 5th:

Encore: Shabbos Jan. 20th & 27th guide:

Find properties near the Encore “Shul”:

We recommend using the map view on your booking site when searching for houses in Encore. Then cross-reference it with the map we provided to gauge their proximity to the minyan.

Try it out on Top Villas here: Encore Map View


(Featured properties coming soon)

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