Pesach 2023:


Richter status, crop

Richter Caterers 

We have been recommending Richters for years. They are reliable and the food is great. They have a lot of experience for Pesach in Orlando. With Richters you are in good hands!

White glove delivery Friday 4/19, Sunday 4/21 and Chol Hamoed.

Save 5% with promo code: PKTUQE
(OTA will receive commission as well!)

Pesach In Style 

The renowned Pesach In Style program’s catering is now available as an à la carte menu. Our focus remains steadfast on delivering the highest quality food with a commitment to superior Kashrus standards. All our catering is meticulously prepared, cooked, and packed right here in Orlando, ensuring the freshest Kosher for Pesach dining experience for you while you celebrate Pesach in Orlando.

Delivery for order over $1k. Pick-up available for smaller orders.

Save 5% with promo code: OTA2024
(OTA will receive commission as well!)