Sukkos 2023

Once again, OTA will be privileged to assist in organizing and providing for minyanim throughout the resort areas this Sukkos!

Make sure to provide your full name and which resort you will be staying in.

We have closed the minyan sign-up form since the pre-yom tov rush will make it impractical for us to review results and actively piece together minyanim.

Encore: Confirmed 10+ men
In the past there have been multiple minyanim (some may charge). OTA will not be opening a Shul House however we will provide a Sefer Torah if there is a need.

Villatel Village: Confirmed Minyan
Villatel has marketed that they will ensure there be a “Shul” on location. While the events center will not be ready, they have stated that they will reserve a home instead. OTA will be happy to provide the Sefer Torah and whatever else is needed for this minyan.
Note: This is within Solterra Resort but can be as much as a 30 minute walk from the other end.

Eden Gardens: Confirmed Minyan
This is a Frum resort community and will operate Shul throughout Yom Tov.
Note: This is walkable to much of Champions Gate “New” (phases 2 & 3). 15-30 minutes.

Champions Gate “Old” (phase 1, near the Oasis Clubhouse): Confirmed Minyan
The Lecheiris  Organization will be returning and running a minyan house at 1587 Plunker Dr. (It is a Chassidush style minyan open to all). In the past other minyanim have opened as well.

Champions Gate “New” (phase 2: Cabot Cliffs, Ocean Course, Sticks, Etc.): Confirmed 10+ men
We have 10+ signed up for both days of Yom Tov with even more for C”H only. (This group can join with C.G. Phase 3 to make a minyan if necessary. They can also walk to Eden Gardens).

Champions Gate “New” (phase 3: Sommerset Hills & all the streets within): Confirmed 10+ men for 1st days and C”H
This group can join with C.G. Phase 2 to make a minyan if necessary. They can also walk to Eden Gardens.

Solterra: Confirmed 10+ men
A volunteer host would likely be needed for this community. OTA will be happy to provide a Sefer Torah if available.
Solterra’s roads are very spread out and loopy which can cause for some long walks (often cutting between houses can save many minutes). Villatel Village is at the very end and can be walkable. 5-30 minutes.

1297 Grand Traverse: Minyan for first days and C”H.
The host will bring a Sefer Torah
Desert Mountain Ct.: Minyan for first days and C”H. There is a host and OTA will BE”H provide a Sefer Torah
Bear’s Den: Confirmed 10+ for the first days
(OTA will provide a Sefer Torah, a host has not been determined)

Windsor Island: We have 5 men towards a minyan (as of 9/3) for the whole Yom Tov. There are 10+ for C”H.

Encore, Villatel Village and Eden Gardens all have an Eruv and officially allow for Sukkahs (in accordance with their guidelines).

All the others 
do NOT have an Eruv and do NOT have an official policy allowing Sukkahs. (Generally people do not have issues, but there have been exceptions where the HOA, managing agencies, and/or owners have been upset and issued fines, etc).

Looking to book near a minyan?